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Abstract painting workshops


Workshops are a fun and exciting way to get into abstract painting or to just have a go and see what it's about. I run workshops all throughout the year, usually on a Saturday or Sunday morning, from my studio here in Stoneville. I have recently started running all day workshops - 9am to 4pm being all day for me! - which gives people an opportunity to really try out techniques and tools, and develop several paintings over the course of the day.

My workshops offer you the chance to be expressive and free, to get creative and daring with acrylic paint, and learn to love the challenge of abstraction.

Groups are small and friendly [like me!]. I demonstrate techniques and tools and help you as you try them out, encouraging you to find your own style and develop a unique 'voice'.

All workshops are advertised on my Instagram and Facebook studio pages, so Follow me to easily find out when and where. [Click on the icons below the menu on the HOME page on this website, to be taken to my social media sites] You can also send me an email [go to the Contact Me page] requesting to be added to the workshops list, and I'll send you an email when my next workshops are running.

Costs [subject to change]

Four-hour workshops cost $150 per person, and full-day workshops cost $200 pp, with a maximum of  5 per group. These usually run on a weekend, (from 9 am until 1 pm for the half-day and 9 to 4pm for the full-day), from my Stoneville studio, where I also offer one-on-one mentoring sessions [POA].


Materials for all workshops are BYO unless stated otherwise. I have lots of tools for you to try, though. And biscuits! I have biscuits!


No workshops planned at the moment. Email me from this website if you're interested in securing a spot in the next workshop, or would like more info. Go to the Contact Me page.

What people are saying [about my workshops]:

"I really like your clear instructions, the mix of theory, demonstration and application, your very perceptive analysis and constructive suggestions for each person’s work - so helpful! - and of course your humour, encouragement and biscuits." 



"You are very generous with your time and ideas. I learned a lot today that I know I can weave into my own works. Really glad I came."



"Ric has a sense of humour and makes the workshop very enjoyable. He also generously shares his knowledge and techniques, so it doesn't matter what level you are at, you can always learn a new trick."



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